Winter fishing hints and tips

Commercial fisheries are a good option all year round but when the bites are harder to come by they can be ideal once the water is colder to make sure you have the best chance of bagging up. Callum Dicks at Maver has shared his tips for success on commercials in the cold weather. He is using the Maver Signature Pro 800 pole which is stiff enough to use at 14m or 16m and is really responsive. The short number 4 section and short top kit stiffens things up more. The 6-9 Dual Core Pro elastic can hold its own if you hook a carp but is still soft enough to catch smaller F1s or roach. He uses the 0.12mm MV-R mainline to be able to get a light float to settle perfectly, the slimline MV-R Finesse series 6 with its carbon stem means the float settles perfectly. He finds the 5″ hook length is ideal over the winter months with a sharp size 20 hook.

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