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Preston Mag Store System Hooklength Box 15 Inch

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The Preston Mag Store System uses magnets to locate each individual rig stick, allowing you to effortlessly change up your rig order, and add new rig sticks, without worrying that you’re going to end up spending vital seconds when you could be shipping in looking for that perfect rig you created, for exactly these conditions, last night. The 30cm and 38cm Hooklength Boxes are ideal for pellet and waggler bomb hooklengths, and can store up to 8 rig sticks in a durable, waterproof case, which benefits from the added protection of a rubber gasket, and reinforced fibreglass rig sticks that prevent bending and warping, ensuring every hooklength is always ready to fish, and in prime performance condition. With dual identification slots, an impact resistant rig casing, and hooklength stability ensured by a ribbed rig stick, the Mag Store System from Preston Innovations is possibly the most durable hooklength storage you’ll ever own. Presented in subtle yet stylish livery, it will look the part on the peg, too.

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