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Preston Innovations Commercial Punch Kit (pkit/01)

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Preston Innovations Commercial Punch Kit The commercial punch kit is ideal for creating the perfect hookbaits, while also keeping them fresh from the outside elements, something that is very important particularly with bread baits. The box can be opened with one hand simply by pressing the button on the side of the box, the sprung lid will then open leaving you to punch your baits. The punches are stored in the lid of the box and once chosen can the be stored in a separate compartment for your convenience. Ther are four punches included in the pack, 6mm, 8mm 10mm and 12mm. Each punch has a spring loaded plunger which enables you to lock the punch at 2mm or punch much thicker baits when when the spring is dis-engaged. Each punch has a ergonomic handle and a blue anodised barrel which has a sharp cutting edge, ensuring baits are punched quickly and easily every time. The box is perfectly sized for a slice of bread but can be used equally as effectively for meat and boilies.

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