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Maver Oculus 799 16m Pole Package

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Constructed from high tensile carbon fibres and reinforced with Super Toughened Epoxy Resins exclusive to Reglass production. Further strengthened with 4MAT aerospace matrix resins combined with Reglass patented Nanolith multi-directional fibre technology helps produce a pole that is incredibly stiff, beautifully balanced and ultra light. The strength is second to none due to the inclusion of the exclusive STER resins and high tensile carbons.

At 11.5m, the 799 weighs in at just 599g and at 13m (mini extension excluded) a featherweight 810g. Built as an all-round pole, the Oculus 799 is perfectly suited for rivers, canals and lakes. It it, however, at its most impressive when targeting modern day commercials where large carp are the target. With the unique power kits in place, larger elastics (12-20) can be fished with extreme confidence. The innovative Fusion joints present on the power kits helps maintain the rigidity and tip speed when larger elastics are fitted. The inner Magic Step technology substantially improves the free flow of both solid and hollow elastics.

The Oculus really does have it all, including our patented black Suncore anti-friction finish, which provides further wall strength due to the fine honey comb of metal fibres bonded to the outer surface. Suncore is simply the best anti-friction surface available, allowing the angler to ship art speed in all weather conditions.

Teflon joints are applied to sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 helping to eliminate carbon to carbon wear. All the power kits are fitted with quality PTFE side slots for modern side puller elastic systems along with PTFE internal bushes. The Oculus 799 is supplied at 16m as standard complete with a comprehensive kit package.

Poles of this quality and boasting this level of innovation could easily command a selling price well in excess of 1,000 plus.

Supplied with 3 x Powerlite power kits slotted and bushed, mini extension, 1 x cupping kit and cups

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