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Keep catching….

Don’t let the cold ruin your fun. You can still have a great day out on the bank as the weather cools. The Anglers Mail gives really useful tips about making the most of your time in winter.

Feeding – don’t be afraid to keep feeding just ease back on how much you put in. Dark groundbaits like the Bait-tec Pro Natural Dark are really good options as the waters get clearer, they can be the key to getting fish to feed even in winter.

Tackle – make use of thinner line, Drennan Supplex is a popular choice with experienced anglers. Smaller hooks are important over the colder months, a small, strong hook like the Drennan Silverfish Match in a size 20/22 is a great option.

Clothing – wrap up warm. staying warm is really important to any day out at his time of year. It’s not just the bigger items like the three layered bib and brace by Wychwood but don’t forget a thermal, windproof hood and gloves can make all the difference to stop you feeling the chill.

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